Remediation and Record of Site Condition for Former Gasoline Service Station

Toronto, Ontario

The Challenge

Our Client acquired a former gasoline service station property with plans for residential redevelopment. Previous environmental assessments conducted by other consultants revealed significant contamination of the soil and groundwater with petroleum hydrocarbons, trace metals, and inorganics. To move forward with the residential project, a legally obtained Record of Site Condition (RSC) was required.

Our Solution

Our team devised a strategy to address the known contamination and facilitate the property’s redevelopment. Given the nature and extent of contamination, soil remediation was determined to be the most effective solution. We designed a remediation plan involving the removal of contaminated soil beneath the site, extending to the property boundaries and down to the shale bedrock, approximately 15 metres (50 feet) deep. This equated to the removal of approximately 18,000 cubic metres (36,000 tonnes) of soil. Since the depth of soil contamination was limited to around 6 metres (20 feet), the entire contaminated soil was excavated from the site.

The Outcome

Following the soil remediation efforts, we successfully obtained a Record of Site Condition (RSC) from the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks. This achievement was in full compliance with Ontario Regulation 153/04, as amended. The comprehensive remediation efforts not only facilitated the regulatory requirements for the RSC, but also paved the way for safe and responsible residential redevelopment.

Services Provided

Why it Matters to Our Clients

Our experience in handling complex contamination scenarios allowed our Client to remediate their property effectively, allowing the developer to proceed confidently with the residential redevelopment project. By obtaining the necessary RSC, potential environmental risks were mitigated, regulatory compliance was achieved, and the foundation was set for a successful residential venture.

Project Highlights

Strategic design and execution of soil remediation efforts.
Removal of contaminated soil to the required depth.
Successful acquisition of a Record of Site Condition, meeting regulatory standards.