Unlocking Development Potential: Our Support for Developers

Welcome to our guide tailored to developers seeking to navigate the intricate landscape of environmental considerations. At Peritus Environmental Consultants, we understand the pivotal role that environmental site assessments and compliance play in your development projects. Our commitment is to provide you with a comprehensive overview of how our services cater to developers’ needs, supporting seamless development processes, regulatory compliance, and optimized outcomes. Join us as we delve into environmental investigations, record of site conditions, monitoring and the array of services we offer to support your development endeavors.

Environmental Investigation for Zoning Changes

Changing zoning from commercial or industrial to residential in Ontario necessitates a critical step: obtaining a Record of Site Conditions (RSC) for the property. The RSC outlines the condition of the soil and groundwater beneath the property, specifying their suitability for the proposed zoning change. This process involves assessing past land uses, conducting soil and groundwater sampling, and addressing any identified contaminants. We can guide you through the entire process, from Phase One Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) to RSC acquisition. Specializing in contaminated sites requiring Risk Assessments for RSCs, we employ innovative techniques such as spot remediation to reduce remediation costs and make otherwise undevelopable land feasible for development. Feel free to reach out to us for assistance with the RSC and Risk Assessment processes.

Environmental Monitoring for Ongoing Compliance

Certain Records of Site Conditions (RSCs) may stipulate ongoing monitoring of treatment systems, groundwater quality, and soil vapour at the property as part of a Certificate of Property Use (CPU). Our team is well-equipped to handle the regular monitoring required to meet these conditions outlined in the CPU. By entrusting us with your environmental monitoring needs, you can focus on the core aspects of your development project with confidence.

Designated Substance Survey for Building Safety

Incorporating existing buildings into your development plans necessitates a designated substance survey. Buildings constructed before the 1990s can harbor hazardous materials that pose risks to workers and future occupants. Even when demolition is planned, a designated substance survey remains crucial, as the demolition process can release hazardous compounds into the air. Our specialized designated substance surveys help the safety of workers, the integrity of your development project and are mandated by law.

Your Trusted Partner

Peritus Environmental Consultants stands as your dedicated partner in streamlining the development process. Our services are designed to facilitate zoning changes, manage environmental risks, and support compliance with regulatory standards. Your development projects benefit from our expert guidance, innovative approaches, and commitment to delivering optimal outcomes.

Should you have inquiries or require support related to your development projects, don’t hesitate to contact us. Your development’s success and compliance are our primary objectives.