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Peritus is a member of the C3 Group.

Peritus Environmental Consultants Inc. is an environmental engineering consulting firm that provides a full range of environmental engineering services, specializing in risk assessment and strategic remediation. The highly skilled professionals at Peritus have very strong engineering and scientific backgrounds that provide our clients with environmental solutions that are tailored to their unique requirements.

Peritus can assist clients such as developers, property owners, tenants, and lenders with a variety of environmental solutions.



  Phase One Environmental Site Assessment    Phase Two Environmental Site Assessment    Risk Assessment and Risk Management
  Peer Review    Remediation and Remedial Design    Storage Tank Decommissioning    Record of Site Condition
  Designated Substances   Environmental Compliance Approval    National Pollutant Release Inventory Reporting
  Toxic Substance Reduction Plan    Waste Audit    Compliance with Other Regulations Excess Soil


“Since 2012, 19 Risk Assessments conducted by Peritus have been approved by the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks.”


“Since January 2019, Peritus has had seven Risk Assessments approved by the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and  Parks. Four of the seven Risk Assessments were Tier 2 Modified Generic Risk Assessments.”

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