Phase Two Environmental Site Assessment for Industrial Property Purchase

Guelph, Ontario

The Challenge

Our Client submitted a conditional offer to purchase an industrial property in Guelph, Ontario. A Phase One Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) revealed potential sources of contamination on the property. To satisfy the due diligence process and proceed with the property transaction, a Phase Two Environmental Site Assessment in accordance with Ontario Regulation 153/04, as amended, was necessary to assess and delineate potential subsurface contamination present at the property.

Our Solution

Using the Phase One ESA findings, our team developed a strategy to address the concerns of potential contamination. Working with our trusted subcontractors, we installed a network of boreholes and monitoring wells across the property and collected soil and groundwater samples from these locations.

The analytical results revealed the presence of low levels of petroleum hydrocarbons and zinc in the surficial soil, likely attributed to runoff from a nearby parking lot. Additionally, chloride was detected in groundwater at a monitoring well situated close to the road.

The Outcome

The Phase Two ESA data proved invaluable to our Client’s decision-making process. Armed with the knowledge of the contamination issues, our Client was able to make an informed decision regarding the purchase of the industrial property and the investments required to redevelop the land.

Services Provided

Why it Matters to Our Clients

Our Phase Two ESA enabled our Client to obtain an understanding of the property’s environmental condition, evaluate the risks associated with the property’s acquisition and make a well-informed investment decision.

Project Highlights

Investigation of contamination sources.
Strategic delineation of contamination extent.
Informed decision-making for property purchase.