Due Diligence Phase One ESA for Historical Industrial Property Acquisition

Brantford, Ontario

Phase One Environmental Site Assessment

The Challenge

Our Client was considering the purchase of a historical industrial property and wanted clarity on the property’s environmental condition to assess potential future costs. To meet this need, Peritus Environmental was retained to conduct a Phase One Environmental Site Assessment (ESA). As a potential Record of Site Condition might be required, the ESA needed to be compliant with Ontario Regulation 153/04, as amended.

Our Solution

Our Phase One Environmental Site Assessment was designed to encompass a comprehensive analysis. This included a thorough records review of available historical documents, an interview with the current property owner, a site inspection covering the property and its surroundings and an in-depth information review and evaluation. We conducted this ESA to create a comprehensive report summarizing our findings, conclusions, and recommendations.

The Outcome

The property’s history dates back to its establishment in 1892 for rope and twine manufacturing. The preservation process used creosote, which was stored in underground storage tanks (USTs). Various other USTs historically stored substances such as Bunker C fuel oil, gasoline, and other liquids. The presence of a transformer near the south building and historical rail lines added layers to the site’s history. Interviews with personnel revealed further insights, including the continued presence of a rail spur beneath the one of the buildings.

Extending beyond the property boundaries, our assessment identified potential contaminating activities at several neighbouring properties. Guided by our Phase One Environmental Site Assessment findings, we recommended progressing to a Phase Two ESA. This in-depth investigation would provide a more comprehensive understanding of soil and groundwater conditions on the site.

Services Provided

Why it Matters to Our Clients

A thorough due diligence environmental site assessment allows property investors to make informed decisions. Our comprehensive Phase One ESA uncovered historical nuances and identified potential concerns, guiding our Client’s investment choices and next steps.

Project Highlights

Meticulous records review and comprehensive on-site assessment.
Unearthing the property’s intriguing historical and industrial past.
Guidance in transitioning to a Phase Two ESA investigation.