Designated Substance Survey for Historic Building Demolition

Toronto, Ontario

Designated Substance Survey

The Challenge

In Toronto, Ontario, the impending demolition of a six-storey commercial building constructed in 1952 presented a significant challenge due to potential safety concerns stemming from historical construction practices. During that era, common building materials included designated substances such as asbestos and lead-based paint. To maximize the well-being of demolition workers and minimize potential risks, Peritus undertook the critical task of conducting a Designated Substances Survey (DSS) in accordance with Ontario Regulation (O.Reg.) 278/05 and O.Reg. 490/09, as amended. This survey aimed to identify the presence of any such hazardous substances within the building’s structure.

Our Solution

Systematic samples were collected from various building materials and submitted for laboratory analysis to detect the presence of asbestos and lead. The culmination of visual observations, intrusive sampling techniques and analytical data associated with interior and exterior areas of the building were consolidated into a DSS report. A crucial aspect of our approach was the quantification of asbestos and lead within the building. This quantification gave insights into the extent of designated substances present, laying the groundwork for subsequent actions.

The Outcome

The DSS report was instrumental for the safety of the impending demolition project. By quantifying the levels of asbestos and lead in the building, the report offered contractors vital information for devising effective abatement measures. Our meticulous assessment not only aided in the safety of all stakeholders involved, but also streamlined the project’s progression, from safe abatement to the forthcoming construction of a new high-rise residential/commercial building.

Services Provided

Why it Matters to Our Clients

Our DSS directly contributed to the safety of the demolition workers and upheld regulatory requirements, minimizing potential liability. By providing comprehensive insights into the presence of designated substances, we enabled contractors to formulate well-informed decisions and execute a safe abatement process. Our dedication to safety created a seamless transition from demolition to the construction phase, helping our Client secure a successful project.

Project Highlights

Intrusive visual inspections.

Destructive sampling and laboratory analysis.

Quantification of asbestos and lead in a comprehensive report.

Facilitation of safe demolition and construction processes.