Unveiling Common Contamination Origins: Insights from Peritus Environmental Consultants

Embarking on a journey through the intricate landscape of environmental consulting, Peritus Environmental Consultants stands as your dedicated guide. Beyond mere compliance, our commitment lies in shedding light on the nuances of the industry. With this article, our objective is to enrich your understanding of the potential contamination sources found across Southern Ontario.

Introduction to Phase One Environmental Site Assessments

Before delving into the potential contamination sources, let’s establish the importance of a Phase One Environmental Site Assessment (ESA). This preliminary investigation, conducted by environmental professionals, aims to identify historical and current land uses that may have contributed to site contamination. It serves as a foundational step in informed decision-making for property transactions, offering a comprehensive view of environmental risks associated with a particular site.

Common Contamination Sources

Dry Cleaners

The seemingly innocuous world of dry cleaners conceals a significant environmental concern. Chlorinated solvents, historically used, have infiltrated soil and groundwater, posing potential health risks to property occupants.

Gas Stations

Convenience at gas stations comes with potential environmental ramifications. Gasoline, a common contaminant, can infiltrate soil and groundwater beneath these establishments. While regulatory reforms have addressed issues related to underground storage tanks, occasional leaks and spills still necessitate vigilant monitoring.

Gas/Oil Storage

Beyond traditional gas stations, various establishments, including golf courses, farms, and older residences, harbour fuel storage tanks. Often overlooked, these sites can present unsuspected contamination risks that require evaluation.

Chemical Storage

At the heart of manufacturing lie various chemicals, from paints to plating acids. Chemical storage demands precise protocols to avert soil and groundwater contamination. Historical discrepancies in disposal and handling have led to chemical infiltration, prompting our team to rectify and mitigate past impacts.

This list offers only a glimpse into the comprehensive tapestry of contamination sources in Southern Ontario. Peritus is your reliable partner for in-depth Phase One Environmental Site Assessments, providing a thorough exploration of both current and historical contamination origins on and around the property.