Supporting Residential Property Owners: Our Comprehensive Services

Welcome to our guide tailored specifically to residential property owners. At Peritus Environmental Consultants, we understand the unique challenges and concerns that come with managing residential properties. Our goal is to provide you with an understanding of how  our services can benefit you, aiding the safety and well-being of your property and its occupants. Join us as we explore the array of services we offer to address your needs.

Designated Substance Surveys

For residential properties built before the 1990s, designated substance surveys are an essential consideration, particularly when renovation projects are in the pipeline. These surveys are pivotal in identifying potential hazardous materials within building materials that could be disturbed during construction activities. The goal is to mitigate risk of exposing residents or workers to these substances, safeguarding their health and well-being. Conducting a designated substance survey before construction commences is a proactive step toward ensuring the safety of all individuals involved and is mandated by law.

Environmental Monitoring

In the realm of new condominiums, ongoing environmental monitoring may be necessary based on regulatory requirements, such as those outlined in a Certificate of Property Use (CPU) or Record of Site Condition (RSC). Typically, this monitoring involves regular assessments of groundwater quality or treatment system effluent. At Peritus, we possess the experience to handle any environmental monitoring demands your property may require. Feel free to reach out to us for guidance and assistance in understanding the monitoring needs specific to your property.

Tank Removal

The history of residential buildings often reveals the presence of fuel oil storage tanks adjacent to homes, occasionally buried for various reasons. These tanks, as they age, run the risk of corrosion and potential leaks that could contaminate the soil and jeopardize the property’s integrity. Our team specializes in coordinating the safe removal of tanks from your property. By identifying and addressing aging or compromised tanks, we can help minimize oil leakage and associated environmental hazards.

Your Trusted Partner

At Peritus Environmental Consultants, we are committed to serving residential property owners with the highest level of experience and care. Our services are designed to address the unique needs of residential properties, supporting compliance with regulations and safeguarding the health of occupants. Whether you’re considering renovations, require environmental monitoring, or need assistance with tank removal, we are here to provide you with the guidance and solutions you need.