Expert Witness Testimony for Multinational Oil Refinery

The Challenge

A leading law firm representing a multinational oil refinery engaged Peritus Environmental Consultants Inc. as an Expert Witness Testimony in a legal case involving a former gasoline service station in Oakville. The refinery had successfully remediated hydrocarbon contamination in soil and groundwater on the site, however, subsequent investigations revealed chlorinated solvents migrating from a neighbouring property onto the site. Peritus was tasked with reviewing existing environmental documents and offering insights on contaminant migration and potential remediation strategies.

Our Solution

Drawing on comprehensive data extracted from past environmental reports, Peritus compiled detailed visual representations showcasing the extent and distribution of chlorinated solvent contamination in groundwater. These graphical representations underpinned our opinions on the origins of the solvents, their fate and transport dynamics, and recommended remediation approaches. We affirmed the effectiveness of the proposed strategies by other consultants while proposing a permeable reactive barrier system, specifically a funnel and gate setup, as the optimal solution to minimize future on-site contamination migration.

The Outcome

Our Expert Witness testimony provided critical guidance, enabling opposing legal counsels to expedite a mutually agreeable settlement. This resolution helped both parties avoid lengthy litigation proceedings and arrive at an efficient agreement.

Services Provided

Why it Matters to Our Clients

In complex legal disputes involving environmental issues, having experienced insights can expedite resolution. Our thorough analysis, visual representations, and clear recommendations aided the opposing parties in reaching a satisfactory settlement while avoiding protracted legal battles.

Project Highlights

Assessment of contaminant migration and remediation strategies.
Visual data representation enhancing expert opinions.
Proposal of innovative permeable reactive barrier solution.