EASR Application and Emissions Analysis for Industrial Manufacturing Facility

Woodstock, Ontario

The Challenge

Our Client, Tigercat International Inc., owns and operates a heavy custom metal fabrication facility and, in compliance with Ontario regulations, was required to submit an Environmental and Activity Sector Registry Application (EASR). The facility’s operations involved various processes, including welding, laser and plasma cutting, abrasive blasting, and the use of commercial paint booths. Each of these processes potentially emits air pollutants, noise, and odours into the environment. The challenge was to provide comprehensive reports that accurately characterized these emissions to support the EASR application.

Our Solution

Through site visits and close communication with our Client, we compiled a detailed inventory of emission sources within the facility and identified their respective contaminants. Advanced dispersion modeling was used to simulate the dispersal of emissions, facilitating the assessment of their environmental impact and alignment with regulations. Additionally, we conducted thorough noise (acoustic) and odour assessments, quantifying and assessing potential noise and odour levels associated with facility operations. Our focus was on understanding their potential impact on the surrounding environment.


The Outcome

The completion of the EASR application, which includes the Emissions Summary and Dispersion Modeling, noise and odour assessments, shows our Client’s commitment to environmental responsibility and regulatory compliance. By characterizing and addressing potential environmental impacts, our Client is well-prepared to continue operating their facility while minimizing its effects on the surrounding environment and community.

Services Provided

Why it Matters to Our Clients

The application for the Environmental and Activity Sector Registry was a critical step for our Client’s operations. Our comprehensive approach to characterizing emissions, assessing noise levels, and evaluating odour impacts matters for several reasons:

Regulatory Compliance: Our work follows ministry guidelines compliant with environmental regulations, resulting in a seamless application process.

Environmental Stewardship: By identifying and addressing potential emissions, our Client demonstrates environmental responsibility and commitment to sustainable practices.

Community Relations: A commitment to minimizing environmental impacts, noise and odours fosters good neighbourly relationships.

Project Highlights

EASR application submission.
Comprehensive emissions characterization.
Environmental compliance and responsibility demonstrated.
Enhanced community relations through minimized impacts.