Environmental Compliance

There are several regulations and guidelines that govern facilities with regards to the environment. Peritus has a solid history and firm understanding of all the components required for environmental compliance. Peritus understands that each facility is unique and a complete review of a facility’s operations is conducted to ensure compliance with all federal and provincial requirements. Peritus keeps up to date with changing regulations to ensure clients are kept in compliance at all times. If you have any questions about our environmental compliance services feel free to contact us.

An Environmental Compliance Approval is a regulated application process for permission to discharge a contaminant (i.e. air, water or noise) into the natural environment. An Environmental Activity and Sector Registry is an alternative application for facilities discharging below a specific threshold. Peritus staff have over 25 years of experience completing all necessary applications, reports, modeling and calculations. In circumstances where any industrial processes change that will affect the facility’s existing Environmental Compliance Approval, Peritus can complete any necessary amendments. Peritus will liaise with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change to complete all necessary steps to ensure compliance.

Sample Projects:

A facility is required to file with the National Pollutant Release Inventory if it manufactures, processes or uses a toxic substance listed on the National Pollutant Release Inventory at a quantity above the reporting threshold. A site visit, interviews and a review of purchasing and waste records is conducted to determine if a facility meets the requirements for mandatory reporting of substance use to the National Pollutant Release Inventory. The results of the assessment will be summarized in a report and provided for the facility to keep on record.

Due to duplication with the Government of Canada’s Chemical Management assessment, the Ontario Government is phasing out the Toxics Reduction Act  and its reporting requirements. For the 2018 calendar year and onwards, Ontario businesses will no longer need to prepare new Toxic Reduction Plans, update old Toxic Reduction Plans or report on new substances. This means that facilities that currently have Toxic Reduction Plans can continue using their existing plans for the annual reporting on substances that are reported on the National Pollutant Release Inventory. Peritus staff can assist you with the annual reporting under the new reporting requirements.

Depending on the size and type of operations, a facility may be required to comply with various waste management regulations. A waste audit will assess the amount of the various types of waste produced by the facility. Through the waste audit, Peritus can identify if a waste produced is required to be tracked through the Hazardous Waste Information Network. Based on the results of the audit, a waste reduction plan is developed to provide potential action items to reduce and/or divert waste. A facility is not legally obligated to apply any of the recommendations of the waste reduction plan; however, recommendations can often lead to financial savings for the facility.

In addition to the environmental compliance components already listed, the facility may be required to comply with various other regulations. During the site visit, Peritus can determine what other environmental regulations your facility must comply with, if any. Upon determining the necessary regulations, Peritus will complete any necessary tasks including reporting, modeling and/or assisting the facility, as required.