Our Company

About Us

Peritus is a Latin word meaning “skilled expert,” which defines the level of professional service our clients have come to expect at Peritus Environmental Consultants Inc.

Peritus was incorporated on March 12, 2009, and is a member of The C3 Group of Companies. While Peritus functions as a small business, Peritus belongs to a group of companies that have strong financial backing, bonding facility and insurance coverage of a larger company. In addition, Peritus has the capacity to provide turnkey services for large scale projects by leveraging the in-house multidiscipline services of The C3 Group of Companies.

Peritus operates in a small business environment which enables Peritus to respond to clients intimately and quickly. The small business format facilitates direct communication between operations and management personnel and results in low overhead and competitive pricing. Most importantly, clients receive close attention and care from the President down to the field crews to build relationships with trust and integrity.

Peritus specializes in risk assessment and strategic remediation. Peritus can guide clients through the entire environmental process from a Phase One Environmental Site Assessment through to a Record of Site Condition. Peritus also provides environmental compliance services and designated substance surveys. Peritus has a licensed Toxic Reduction Planner on staff to assist your company in meeting their regulatory requirements.

Our Values

Values: Peritus believes that everyone has the right to live in a healthy sustainable environment. Peritus believes that land owners should understand the environmental liabilities associated with brownfield sites.

Integrity and Ethics: Peritus upholds ourselves and our employees to a high level of integrity and ethics.

Our Clients: Peritus values close and trusting relationship with clients. Peritus works with clients to develop innovative solutions that are fully protective of the environment while being practical and cost effective.

Safety: Our staff are our most valued resource. Their safety is of highest importance to us; therefore; we provide consistent in-house and external training, site audits, safety meetings and updates and review of each health and safety plan prior to starting any project. This diligent focus provides a safe workplace for our team members and clients.

Industrial Compliance Seminar

On September 26th, 2019 Peritus hosted an industrial seminar to discuss common compliance issues in the manufacturing sector. The topics covered included:

Peritus also prepared a white paper that supplemented the above presentations.